NHF is easier Ministry of Health creates a legal basis for pilot programs, because without it their conduct was strongly difficult. Some people even claimed that programs godziłyby the constitutional principle of equal access to health care financed by public money. Despite this, the NHF sometimes use this tool, albeit to a limited extent. Announces the competition for outlets for the realization of benefits in the new formula, which does not eliminate the old (hospital must choose). Example? Currently, several hospitals in the country implements the program coordinated care for women in normal pregnancy, during labor and połogu.zobacz also: Health: Money lost, and the patient will suffer “- Piloting is a very good solution.

When in 2012-2013 was president of the fund, we used them, including preparing a program of comprehensive treatment of chronic wounds. Although the rules were not entirely clear – says Agnieszka tenant. He added that in this way acquired a lot of valuable information to better adapt the rules to the needs of patients and the possibility of outlets. – I am very happy that the ministry wants to introduce a clear legal framework to test changes in the health system at various levels – adds former president of the National Health Fund. In her opinion, the first resort should benefit from the pilot projects planned changes in the coordinated care (in terms of a combination of inpatient care and outpatient rehabilitation). Program could include, for example. Endoprosthesis implantation. Benefits for carers – the Law of 4 April 2014.

On establishing and payment of benefits for carers (Official Journal of 30 April 2014., Pos. 567) will enter into force after 14 days from the notice, ie. On May 15 2014., with the exception of art. 17 point 2 and, in the field of art. 16a paragraph. 1 point 1, which shall enter into force on 1 January 2015 r.Omówienie: caregiver allowance due in the amount of 520 zł miesięcznie.Nie payable for periods in which: -osobie applying for Carer’s Benefit has been established entitled to special care allowance or provision care, either-the person requiring care has been established to another person entitled to special care allowance, benefits or pielęgnacyjnego.Zarejestrowanie the district labor office as a job seeker or have unemployed status does not affect the entitlement to benefits for the caregiver from 1 July 2013. to apply for a benefit determination.

When for Carer’s Benefit apply for farmers, farmers’ spouses or household members, are entitled to this benefit, respectively -rolnikom for ceasing their farm, -małżonkom farmers or members of the household in the event of cessation of their farm or work on a farm rolnym.Postępowanie on establishing the right to benefit guardian authority retaining the right to benefits shall be initiated at the request of care. It can be submitted not later than four months from the entry into force of the Act. Entitled to unemployment benefits for the caregiver determined for an indefinite period, unless a certificate of disability or degree of disability of the ruling has been issued for a specified period. In the case of a certificate of disability or degree of disability for a specified period, the right to benefit the caregiver determined to the last day of the month in which the decision expires. In the case of expiry of the period for which the decision has been issued in connection with the loss of validity of a certificate of disability or judgment about the degree of disability, the right to benefit guardian in connection with obtaining new judgment shall be set at the request. According to the Tribunal can not accept a solution whereby governments – no fault of their own – would be deprived of the right to the relevant part of the general subsidy or would be required to deposit in the amount of compensatory unforeseen by law. A request to examine the constitutionality of the law on income of local government units applied to the Constitutional Court, the municipal council Miedzyzdroje.

According to the contested regulation of the local government unit, which received some compensatory balancing regional or general subsidies in the amount lower than predicted, or made the payment to the state budget higher than laid down in the Act are not entitled to increase or decrease the portion of the subsidy payments. According to the municipal council Miedzyzdroje challenged provision violates the constitutional principles: social justice, proportionality and trust in the state and law. As pointed out by the applicant, the application of a provision constitutes an unjustified and disproportionate interference with the right to communal property, which can not be unreasonably affected by the państwo.zobacz also: City fighting for money for the tasks assigned. There is a chance of success »The Constitutional Court ruled that preventing municipalities investigation understated – in relation to the level specified in the Act on income – the amount of the general subsidy and reimbursement of overstated amount of the compensatory payment violates the constitution. “Although it is impossible to require the State to homeworkmarket ensure that local government units revenues enabling optimal implementation imposed no public tasks, it does not give to accept the solution, according to which – no fault of their own – they would have been deprived of the right to the relevant part of the general subsidy payable to them the amount specified in the Act on income or would be required to pay a compensatory payment in the amount of unforeseen by the law “- pointed TK in the grounds of judgment. According to the Court defectiveness of the challenged provision does not justify the need to maintain a balanced budget. “Such a risk could arise only if the municipalities to grant the right to demand increasing amounts of the relevant part of the general subsidy or reduce the amount of deposit levy, the amount of which has been erroneously determined due to inadequate performance by these entities with their obligations reporting of their income and spending “- said TK.

Constitutional Court’s judgment applies only where incorrect determination of the amount of subsidies or payments to the budget due to reasons beyond the control of the municipality. The Court also decided to postpone the date of the challenged provision of power loss to 31 December 2019. Thus, the legislator got time to make the necessary legislative changes. Tribunal issued a decision in five members. Was chairman Judge Margaret Pyziak-Szafnicka, and the judge rapporteur Slawomir Wronkowska-Jaśkiewicz. Judgment of the Court is final. Katowice branch of the ARP monitoring the situation in the coal mining industry, said on Tuesday the values ​​they reached in February this year two indexes showing the situation on the domestic steam coal market.

PSCMI1 index (with English. Polish Steam Coal Market Index) expresses the so-called coal prices. industrial and power (production of electricity), while the index PSCMI2 – for industrial and municipal heating (heat generation). ARP is calculated monthly indices together with the Polish Power Exchange. “Despite the downward trend in coal prices on world markets, the upcoming spring and rising air temperatures do not affect the trading of the national indices. The prices of coal for both power plants and industrial, as well as for the heat market in February 2018. Increased after time the sixth in a row, “- said on Tuesday ARP publishing of monthly indices in the Polish market Węgla.zobacz portal also PGG: Nearly 5 thousand. applications for mining damage repair, nearly 155 million zł their liquidation »In February, both the index PSCMI1 for power plants and heating plants PSCMI2 index, beat their values ​​from the previous month.

In February, the index for electricity market amounted to 228.22 zł per tonne (to 226.76 zł per tonne in January and 212.66 zł in December), and one per gigajoule of energy obtained from coal index – the second time in December 2015 years – reached more than 10 zł per gigajoule. In February, it was exactly 10.48 zł per gigajoule, compared to 10.41 zł in January and 9.64 zł per gigajoule in December 2017. “In comparison with February 2017. Present result is higher almost by 15 percent.” – ARP experts suggest. From May 2017. Index of coal for power continuously maintains the more than 200 zł per tonne, and since the beginning of 2018.

Does not go below 220 zł for tonę.zobacz also: Polish Coal power is a myth »In the segment of heating value of the index for heating and PSCMI2 other domestic customers increased in February compared to January, by 3.5 per cent., reaching a value of 299.16 per tonne (to 289.04 zł per tonne in January and 273.82 zł per tonne in December). This means 12,40 zł per gigajoule of energy obtained from coal, to 12.04 zł in January. and 11.31 zł per gigajoule in December last. year. “Indicator consistently sought in February. Unbeatable barrier 300 zł per tonne – the prices quoted recently in 2013., When the volume average amounted to 305.99 zł per tonne. A year ago, in February 2017. Index was 227.47 zł per ton, which he is now improved its score by 31.5 percent. ” – According to data from the Agency. Indexes created jointly by the IDA and TGE are based on monthly data ex-post and express the price of coal sales in quality adapted to the needs of customers. Expressed in index value is the net price of coal “on the wagon” at the point of loading – excluding excise tax, insurance and delivery costs.

Analysis of the index in recent months suggests that although coal prices are the highest for several years, it is still below the record levels of the first months of 2012., When the index showing the domestic price of coal for power was up to 283.61 zł, and for heat 357.65 zł. Polish Market Indices Coal Energy is a group price indices of standard coal energy produced by domestic manufacturers and sold on the domestic energy market and the domestic heating market. They are calculated monthly on the basis of the data processed by the Industrial Development Agency, in cooperation with the Polish Power Exchange. Both institutions, together with the Institute of Economy, Energy and Mineral Polish Academy of Sciences are co-owners of the methodology for calculating the indices. According to the report Pracuj.pl “Convenience vs. development” *, the majority of Poles claim that the work is routine for them something negative (70%). As many as 80% of respondents emphasizes that in working life focuses on the development and not for comfort, and more than half (56%) say that it is in his element when it can cope with new challenges and obowiązkami.Rutyna phenomenon can be both positive and negative.

Repeatability connected with predictability, reduces stress and allows you to plan some activities that many people may give a sense of security. However, when the needs of “survival” will be met, there are often need a higher level associated with self-realization. For any professional development may mean something else – for example, for some it may be to broaden the knowledge and acquire new skills, for others – meeting interesting people or places and for others – receive promotion and a raise. Remains unchanged, however, is that for the vast majority of us, is important in the development work and enables us to achieve personal fulfillment and professional satisfaction – says Sabina Dabrowska-Olbryś, Learning and Development Manager of the Group Pracuj.Być maybe it is a big professional ambitions mean that already every third Pole professionally active (34%) feel that in the current job does not develop. It not without significance is the fact that 67% of respondents in the last three years has not changed the position or not promoted, and 41% did not receive at this time podwyżki.Mimo is, the percentage of people that take into account the possibility of changing jobs remains surprisingly low – as much as 84% ​​of respondents say they do not currently looking for another job.

Interestingly, on the side of the job ad once a week looks only one in ten (8%). See also: Poles and retire later. They have to work if they want to? “Fewer and fewer retirees leeched» How to live in Poland? Seemingly getting better, but still just as bad »Viewing jobs is the best and fastest way to check what is happening in the labor market, but also to verify that competence and skills are the most desirable. Knowledge of other employers’ expectations can be a motivating factor for the development of training and to acquire new skills. This is important because we live in a dynamic world, where it is extremely important rapid learning and gaining new skills – says Sabina Dabrowska-Olbryś, Learning and Development Manager Group Pracuj.Oprócz regularly review jobs, facilitating additional on being up to date with market Select work is work, the tool automatically recommend candidates having completed profile Pracuj.pl to the site published job advertisements. Just that people seeking employment or wanting to keep up with the labor market, fill professional profile on Pracuj.pl (system similar to the classic CV) and will include agreement to recommend that profile employers.

Profiles founded on Pracuj.pl are not publicly available. Users manage the visibility of the profile, and employers can determine who for various reasons do not want to be featured (eg. A company in which they work or have worked). Users in your profile can also check how many recruiters looking for candidates with Pracuj.pl their competence, which further encouraged to stay up to date with job offers. * The results of professional motivation Poles, commissioned by Pracuj.pl by TNS Poland, a representative sample of 1000 professionally active persons. Just finished the school year was determined by the Ministry of School Year Professionals. During his inauguration Minister Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska promised reconstruction of vocational education and break with his image as a second choice option.

However, the changes that have been made so far are cosmetic. A real chance for reconstruction of vocational education is the introduction to the German model, the dual education. Reconstruction of vocational education is essential for the proper functioning of the labor market – employers are reporting long. According to ManpowerGroup surveys in Poland since the employers are seeking skilled workers most intensely physical. Miss most welders, fitters, turners, seamstresses, forklift operators, mechanics, electricians. – The trouble with finding employees is becoming more acute and it is in companies from different industries.

At the same time it’s not just technical skills, but also the so-called. soft competences related to teamwork and finding themselves in a particular organizational culture – says Katarzyna Szczupał-Vieweg, President Staufen Poland, specializing in organizational innovation and quality of education and procesowych.Niska stereotype that only higher education guarantees a well-paid job made year decreased the number of students who choose vocational training.